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  25-30 June 2006

CERN, Geneva



NOTE: You can now access the PoS site and submit your contribution for the Proceedings (dated: June 9, 2006).

You can directly download and unpack a .zip archive, where you will find the LaTeX class, a skeleton file for MS Word contributions and a pdf file with detailed instructions. In order to have the proceedings of the conference published in the most timely manner, we request all the contributors to submit their papers within

July 31, 2006

This is a strict deadline and it means that you are warmly invited to send in your paper before NIC-IX or, at the latest, to bring your contribution with you at the Conference (electronic format is OK).



Being hosted by CERN, a signatory of the Berlin Declaration , the organizing committee found it natural to plan for proceedings that will be published as Open Access (OA).

To CERN this concept is not new, the CERN Convention of 1953 states:  "...the results of its experimental and theoretical work shall be published or otherwise made generally available". Today Open Access to scientific knowledge has evolved to be the goal of an increasing component of the worldwide scientific community. It is a concept, made possible at a large scale by new electronic tools, which would bring enormous benefits to all readers by giving them free access to research results.

The NIC-IX proceedings will be published by PoS - Proceedings of Science organized by SISSA, the International School for Advanced Studies based in Trieste, making the most of its longstanding experience in the field of online publishing, creating and running electronic journals like JHEP, JCAP, JSTAT and JCOM. All participants will receive a printed copy of the proceedings as well as being able to access them over the PoS web site.


All accepted contributions to NIC-IX will be published in the proceedings, after being refereed by the NIC-IX editorial board. The NIC-IX Editorial Board is composed of the members of the NIC-IX Local Organizing Committee and will supervise the refereeing process. Members of the International Advisory Board and other participants to NIC-IX will be asked to act as referees for the papers submitted to NIC-IX. These persons will be contacted during NIC-IX and instructed on how to perform the refereeing.

In principle, there is no page-limitation for online publishing. However, our suggestions for the contributions to NIC-IX is of 5 pages for contributed papers (including oral and poster presentations) and 10 pages for invited contributions.

Submission of contributions (from the PoS website)

Contributions can be submitted only via the Internet by web upload from the PoS web page in the pdf format alone.

To prepare the pdf file you can use either LaTeX or MS Word. In either cases you should use the appropriate skeleton file sent to you by e-mail by the PoS EO to produce your contribution in the PoS style.

When the conference web interface is set up Authors are assigned a personal userID and password for uploading their contribution on the PoS web page, and a contribution code. Please use this number in any correspondence with the PoS Editorial Office and the chairman in charge of the electronic publication of the PoS Conference Proceedings. This ID number is the one that will be used by anyone wishing to cite your contribution. To submit a contribution, please connect to your author page for the conference in question and click on the button "submit" next to your contribution code.

All the details on submission of contributions, formatting, etc. are posted on the PoS website (at the link "for authors").




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