25-30 June 2006

CERN, Geneva



First Circular



The 9th edition of the series of international symposia, “Nuclei in the Cosmos”, will be held at CERN, Geneva (Switzerland) on June 25-30, 2006. Nuclei in the Cosmos is the foremost bi-annual get together of nuclear physicists, theoretical and observational astrophysicists, cosmochemists, and others interested in the field commonly recognized as Nuclear Astrophysics.

Previous editions of Nuclei in the Cosmos have been: Vancouver - Canada (2004), Fuji-Yoshida - Japan (2002), Aarhus - Denmark (2000), Volos - Greece (1998), Notre Dame - USA (1996), Gran Sasso - Italy (1994), Karlsruhe - Germany (1992), Baden bei Wien - Austria (1990).



The topics to be discussed at the symposium will include, among others:

·          Cosmology and big bang nucleosynthesis

·          Element production, stellar evolution and stellar explosions

·          Evidences of nucleosynthesis in stars and in presolar grains

·          Experiments in nuclear astrophysics

·          Nuclei far from stability

·          Nuclear theory in astrophysics


Symposium site

NIC-IX will be held in the campus of CERN, the International Organization for Nuclear Research located in Geneva, Switzerland. CERN is the world's largest particle physics centre. Founded in 1954, the laboratory was one of Europe's first joint ventures and includes now 20 Member States. Additional information for the general public and for scientists can be found on the CERN website: The lectures, poster sessions and all the other scientific events related to NIC-IX will take place in the CERN main building.




NIC-IX is being jointly organized by an ISOLDE & n_TOF team.  ISOLDE and n_TOF are the two main low energy nuclear physics facilities presently active at CERN. The organization of NIC-IX is based on an International Advisory Board and a Local Organizing Committee.

International Advisory Board
M Aliotta (Edinburgh, UK)
C Angulo (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium)
L Buchmann (TRIUMF, Canada)
A Davis (Chicago, USA)
R Diehl (MPI-Munich, Germany)
R Gallino (University of Torino, Italy)
M Heil (FZK-Karlsruhe, Germany)
W Hillebrandt (MPI-Garching, Germany)
T Kajino (NAO-Tokyo, Japan)
P Koehler (Oak Ridge, USA)
S Kubono (University of Tokyo, Japan)
D Lambert (Austin, USA)
K Langanke (GSI Darmstadt, Germany)
J Lattanzio (Monash University, Australia)
N Prantzos (Institut of Astrophysics, Paris, France)
C Rolfs (Ruhr-Universität, Bochum, Germany)
H Schatz (MSU, USA)
C Spitaleri (Catania, Italy)
F-K Thielemann (Basel, Switzerland)
C Volpe (IPN-Orsay, France)
M Wiescher (University of Notre Dame, USA)
S Woosley (University of California, Santa Cruz, USA)

Local Organizing Committee
A Mengoni (CERN-n_TOF) - Conference Chair
M Hass (CERN-ISOLDE/Weizmann)
M Hjorth-Jensen (Oslo/CERN-ISOLDE/MSU)
F Käppeler (FZK, Karlsruhe)
K-L Kratz (Mainz)
M Lindroos (CERN-ISOLDE) - Scientific Secretary
G Meynet (Geneva Observatory)
K Riisager (Aurhus/CERN-ISOLDE)


Questionnaire & pre-registration

Registration has now commenced. You can register via the link.

In order to optimize the organization, it is strongly recommended to submit the Questionnaire which can be found online on the NIC-IX website. This is extremely important for the organizers in order to estimate the number of attendants. The Questionnaire should be submitted by September 30, 2005.


Scientific Program and Proceedings

The symposium scientific sessions will include oral presentations and poster sessions. The organization is planning to keep the “tradition” of NIC symposia and have only plenary sessions for oral presentations as long as the number of contributions will allow this scheme. The proceedings of the conference will be published. Call for submission of contributed papers will be announced in the second circular.



The NIC School

The Symposium will be preceded by a School (The NIC School), in which all the major topics treated during the symposium will be introduced by specialists. Students and young participants to NIC-IX who are just entering the field of Nuclear Astrophysics will have the opportunity to be tutored and prepared for the Symposium presentations and discussions.  The School will be organized by 

J Cederkall (CERN/Lund University) - Chair
J D'Auria (Simon Fraser University)
H Fynbo (Aarhus University/CERN-ISOLDE)
M Hjorth-Jensen (Oslo/CERN-ISOLDE/MSU)


Satellite workshops

Two satellite workshops will take place the week after NIC-IX. These are being organized at the Observatoire Astronomique de l'Université de Genève (contact: G Meynet) and at the University of Basel (contact: F-K Thielemann & T Rauscher). Additional information on these workshops will be posted on the NIC-IX website and related links.





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