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  25-30 June 2006

CERN, Geneva


Third Circular

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Submit additional infos (for all registrants)
Payment of the fee by bank-transfer
Submitting contribution for the NIC-IX proceedings
Registration starts on 
Early-registration deadline  
: May 25, 2006
: June 1, 2006
: June 30, 2006
: Sunday, June 25 at 17:00
: passed



NIC-IX venue

NIC-IX will be held on the campus of CERN, the International Organization for Nuclear Research, located in Geneva, Switzerland. Information on how to get to CERN are posted on the CERN user's website (map of the area here. Google's way to get to CERN is here).

The lectures, poster sessions, and all other scientific events related to NIC-IX will take place in the CERN main building.

The registration to NIC-IX will start on Sunday, 25 June from 17:00 at the CERN main building, cafeteria 1. Please be aware that on Sundays, only the "Entrance B" gate is open. You will be allowed to go in from this gate and reach the main building and the cafeteria 1 where the registration desks will be located. From Monday, June 26, the registration can be done at the tables of the Secretariat, set up next to the Main Auditorium, in the main building.

The deadline for early-registration has passed already and therefore the fee to be paid for participation in NIC-IX is of 450.- CHF. The payment of the fee can still be done by bank transfer, but this form of payment can only be accepted till 1 June, 2006. After this date, the payment of the fee can only be done at the registration desks, where it can be paid only in cash. The Swiss UBS bank has a branch office inside CERN, on the ground-floor of the main building. All basic banking operations can be performed there, including money exchange. Two ATMs are normally on service on the ground-floor of the main building.

IMPORTANT: all registrants must submit this form to provide some additional infos that is required by the organizers for arranging the details of their registration, including transportations to events, and others. A list of registered participants is available and kept up-to-date at this link.

Additional information for the general public and for scientists can be found on the CERN website:



The NIC-IX Program

The scientific program of the symposium includes oral presentations and poster displays. The program layout is posted and kept updated at this link.

All oral presentations will be given in the CERN Main Auditorium, located in the main building. The organization has kept the tradition of NIC symposia and has planned only plenary sessions for oral presentations. Details with the timetable are posted and kept updated on the NIC-IX main website.

A tribute to John Bahcall and Alistair Cameron, the two outstanding scientists recently passed away, will be organized during the opening session of the NIC-IX Program.

Poster sessions are held on each day at different times and are one-hour long. An extra "big" poster session will take place on Tuesday, immediately after the end of the last oral presentation. At this special poster session, refreshments will be served.  Posters will be displayed in the areas immediately next to the Main Auditorium. The size of the poster must be such as to fit into a 118cm(height) x 84cm(wide) A0-portrait format. Posters can be put on display from Monday, June 26 in the morning, and can stay on till the end of NIC-IX, on Friday, June 30, at 18:00.

All the speakers of oral presentations are requested to make available the electronic version of their presentation (in any of the commonly used format). The files can be uploaded into the InDICO system on the NIC-IX website (instructions posted there). You can hand in the file of your presentation at the time of your registration. An overhead projector will be available for display of hand-written slides.

Other important events which will take place during NIC-IX are:

- the reception on Monday, June 26 at 19:00 at the CERN Globe of Innovation
- excursions, to take place on Wednesday, June 28, in the afternoon
- the NIC-IX banquet, on Thursday, June 29, in the evening (cruise on the Lac Léman)

An extended program for accompanying persons is posted here.

The programs and related infos on the NIC-IX School, Satellite events, and Outreach Event are posted on a specific page on the NIC-IX server.




In order to have the proceedings of the conference published in the most timely manner, we request all the contributors to submit their papers within

June 30, 2006

This is a strict deadline and it means that you are warmly invited to send in your paper before NIC-IX or, at the latest, to bring your contribution with you at the Conference (electronic format is OK).

The NIC-IX proceedings will be published by PoS - Proceedings of Science organized by SISSA, the International School for Advanced Studies based in Trieste. PoS is using the Open Access concept of online publishing, creating and running electronic journals like JHEP, JCAP, JSTAT and JCOM. All participants who will make the request will receive a printed copy of the proceedings. However, the most important feature of the Open Access concept is that all the papers will be freely accessible over the network at the PoS web site.

Detailed instructions for authors on how to prepare the papers (including LaTeX and Microsoft Word macros) are available. In principle, there is no page-limitation for online publishing. However, our suggestions for the contributions to NIC-IX is of 5 pages for contributed papers (including oral and poster presentations) and 10 pages for invited contributions.

All the contributions will be refereed. The NIC-IX Editorial Board is composed of the members of the NIC-IX Local Organizing Committee and will supervise the refereeing process. Members of the International Advisory Board and other participants to NIC-IX will be asked to act as referees for the papers submitted to NIC-IX. These persons will be contacted during NIC-IX and instructed on how to perform the refereeing.



Other practical infos

Additional infos needed from registrants
All NIC-IX participants are requested to fill in a form for providing some important additional information concerning their stay, for the transportation to the NIC-IX banquet, on food preferences, and others.

Please fill-in this form, within May 25

Please contact our secretariat for any additional info on this.



Travel to CERN: VISA information
NIC-IX will take place on the CERN Swiss side. Participants needing visa to enter Switzerland are invited to consult the CERN web page for information. However, please note that CERN is located both in Switzerland and France. In case participants intend to join technical visits at CERN, or their companion to join some of the excursions (e.g., hiking in the Jura on Wednesday afternoon will be in France), they may need to apply for a visa for both countries. The prerequisite to obtaining such visa is a valid national passport - please check its expiration date! Information on how to obtain visas for Switzerland and France are posted on the CERN website, at this link.


At CERN: how to register your portable computer
The web form to be filled is at this link (for visitors bringing their own computer and not having a CERN computer account). They need to know the hardware Address for the network card in order to register. Please contact Jennifer Weterings for any inquires on this matter.

The data needed beforehand is basically the hardware address of the network card. The info you need is posted here and in this handout.




The NIC School, Satellite workshops, the Outreach event, and the "Scientists in the Cosmos" initiative

The Symposium will be preceded by a school (The NIC School), in which all major topics of the symposium will be introduced by specialists. Students and young participants in NIC-IX, who are just entering the field of Nuclear Astrophysics, will have the opportunity to be tutored and prepared for the Symposium presentations and discussions.

The school is sponsored by CERN. There will be a number of scholarships available which will cover accommodation and local expenses. Students are invited to apply on The NIC School website. The deadline for application is: March 31, 2006.

The school organizing committee is

J Cederkall (CERN/Lund University) - Chair
J D'Auria (Simon Fraser University)
H Fynbo (Aarhus University/CERN-ISOLDE)
M Hjorth-Jensen (Oslo/CERN-ISOLDE/MSU)

Two satellite workshops will take place on the days immediately preceding NIC-IX:

1. Nuclei in Globular Clusters
June 24 (Saturday), at the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Geneva
G Meynet and C Charbonnel
For additional information:   

2. Data needs in Nuclear Astrophysics
June 23-24 (Friday-Saturday), at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Basel
: E Grebel, R Hirschi, F Liebendörfer, T Rauscher, F-K Thielemann, and in collaboration with JINA.
For additional information:
:                email:

For information and registration to these workshops, please contact directly the organizers. Additional information are posted on the NIC-IX website and related links.




Outreach event

There will be an Outreach Event held on Wednesday, June 28 in the GLOBE. In the afternoon two lectures will be given (in English) to high school students from local International schools while in the evening there will be further presentations (in French) open to the public. These lectures are on topics related directly to the NIC-IX conference theme and are aimed to increase awareness of the public to the field of nuclear astrophysics. All NIC-IX attendees are welcomed to attend any of these presentations. Further information will be provided later.




Scientists in the Cosmos - SIC

Following the request of some young researchers, we are providing a webpage for posting job offers and job requests. This initiative, which we strongly encourage to support, intends to provide a forum for exchange of information on positions hunting, in particular for post-docs. You are invited to post your offer for post-doc positions or your request for a position on the SIC homepage. A poster and info-flyers, to give the possibility of a direct contact between both parties during the conference will be available at the poster sessions. People interested in this initiative are invited to contact iris.dillmann(at)




Most of the features and activities of NIC-IX would have not been possible without the support from the NIC-IX sponsors. At present the list of sponsors includes


CERN Directorate
The ISOLDE Collaboration
International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP)
CERN - AB Department
University of Geneva
Astronomical Observatory of the Geneva University
Astronomical Observatory of the Geneva University
CERN - PH Department
Swiss Academy of Sciences
Société Académique de Genève
The n_TOF Collaboraion
The n_TOF Collaboration

CAEN spa, Italy

Mesytec Gmbh & Co. KG

Micron Semiconductor. Co. UK




NIC-IX is being jointly organized by an ISOLDE & n_TOF team.  ISOLDE and n_TOF are the two main low energy nuclear physics facilities presently active at CERN. The organization of NIC-IX is based on an International Advisory Board and a Local Organizing Committee.

International Advisory Board

M Aliotta (Edinburgh, UK)
C Angulo (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium)
L Buchmann (TRIUMF, Canada)
A Davis (Chicago, USA)
R Diehl (MPI-Munich, Germany)
R Gallino (University of Torino, Italy)
M Heil (FZK-Karlsruhe, Germany)
W Hillebrandt (MPI-Garching, Germany)
T Kajino (NAO-Tokyo, Japan)
P Koehler (Oak Ridge, USA)
S Kubono (University of Tokyo, Japan)
D Lambert (Austin, USA)
K Langanke (GSI Darmstadt, Germany)
J Lattanzio (Monash University, Australia)
N Prantzos (Institute of Astrophysics, Paris, France)
C Rolfs (Ruhr-Universität, Bochum, Germany)
H Schatz (MSU, USA)
C Spitaleri (Catania, Italy)
F-K Thielemann (Basel, Switzerland)
C Volpe (IPN-Orsay, France)
M Wiescher (University of Notre Dame, USA)
SE Woosley (University of California, Santa Cruz, USA)
Local Organizing Committee

A Mengoni (CERN-n_TOF/IAEA) - Conference Chair
M Lindroos (CERN-ISOLDE) - Scientific Secretary
P Butler
J D'Auria (CERN/Simon Fraser University)
M Hass (CERN-ISOLDE/Weizmann)
M Hjorth-Jensen (Oslo/CERN-ISOLDE/MSU)
F Käppeler (FZK, Karlsruhe)
K-L Kratz (Mainz)
G Meynet (Geneva Observatory)
K Riisager (Aarhus/CERN-ISOLDE)





 Generic postal address:



c/o A Mengoni / M Lindroos


CH-1211 Geneva 23



Tina Osborne & Jennifer Weterings
CH-1211 Geneva 23
Phone: +41 22 767 5828